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rpg!tuli by visiface rpg!tuli by visiface
    so , yeah. little jester. little gypsy. sklfjldskjfldsjfs
    i think the cards make a lot more sense in this context, holy shit.

    this tuli is both playful and sadistic, in some ways. a little more expressive with her face than words. chaotic neutral: sometimes she'll put you in harm's way. other times she'll be chill. be careful when there's treasure afoot. if she takes a liking to something....

    None (0 or 22)
    The Fool - close-mouthed cracked skull - when open mouth, cackling, odd things start to "fall out" of its gaping hole, but really, youre already influenced by illusions: starts out lighthearted, like trinkets and toys, then turns to body parts and other trivial things in horror. these illusions are meant for distraction purposes.

    The Magician - open-mouthed whole skull - tall and expressive. gentleman. uses big vocabulary and speaks at rapid pace. highly skilled at ice magic.

    The High Priestess - close-mouthed chipped skull - slender, smooth, soft-spoken. kind. reflects a true religious caregiver. often uses magic to light in darkness, or heal.

    The Empress - close-mouthed cracked and chipped skull - very hardy, capable of taking hits, long ranged combatant. very caring, but fierce and pushy in battle.

    The Emperor - close-mouthed scratched up skull - swift sword movements, great at defending. when paired with the empress, he is the shield and she is the sword, so to speak (the lady gets the business done, he takes the glory), but very necessary when large amounts of foes attack - he's a powerhouse.

    The Hierophant (not pictured) - open mouthed cracked skull - ( working on it )

    The Lovers - two different open-mouthed half skulls, split in middle vertically - two souls, one manifestation. one draws, the other supplies arrows. two eyes, more aim. the two squabble, but get things done. other times, their quarrels keep them from doing a thing (when the card turns upside down).

    The Chariot (not pictured) - open-mouthed half skull, split at nose horizonally - great speeds allows great force. used to push enemies back.

    8 or 11
    Strength (not pictured) - cracked and scratched half skull, missing jaw - more of a powerhouse than the emperor. not good with control, and usually attacks allies as well.

    The Hermit (not pictured) - close-mouthed old, falling apart skull, not many teeth - knowledgeable. uses infliction magic. spell of choice: silence.

    Wheel of Fortune (not pictured) - open-mouthed rotating smooth skull - very mischievous spirit. uses random arcane magic. more than likely it will not target the foe, but the environment, to make a "sudden change". can be devastating if used on a boat in the middle of the sea, or on a high cliff.

    11 or 8
    Justice (not pictured) - close-mouthed very scratched up skull - reflects others magic back at them. if "good" magic, like holy, allows it to pass.

    The Hanged Man - open mouthed upside down skull - used for defense. booby traps, or stopping a charge; do what you will.

    Death - dislocated jaw, very beaten up skull - can double as combatant or dark magic user.

    Temperance - bird skull - uses water magic.

    The Devil - open mouthed horned skull - uses fire magic.

    The Tower (not pictured) - pieces of one skull, randomly floating, trying to be whole - ( working on it)

    The Star (not pictured) - open-mouthed busted up at the top skull, broken pieces float above - (working on it )

    The Moon - open-mouthed 3/4 skull - uses illusion magic like the fool, but is meant to horrify and keep foes shaking in their boots, immobile, rather than distraction. if foe is scared enough, the magic will actually harm them, as if the illusion manifested. but these are really self-inflicted wounds, due to influence. if foe is mentally strong, its no more than smoke.

    The Sun - infant's skull - the sun dispels any negative inflictions. renewal.

    Judgement (not pictured) - ( working on it ) owns a hammer. probably will be combat.

    The World (not pictured) - (working on it )

    i appreciate any suggestions and help on anything to do with RPG!characters.
    a casual rp group would be really fun.
Chamaguchi Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013
I've always loved your outfit designs. :') <3 And dang you can draw skulls well!

It's been forever since I've rp'ed OTL but I hope you find suitable RP buddies soon! ; u ;
visiface Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
aaaaaa thank you //////
rp with us, cham ; u ; idk if i even have you on new skype. it's visiface
without that period inbetween
Chamaguchi Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013
Sorry for the late reply, Visi! I'll add you. ; ∇ ; Although I should warn you now that I tend to not log unto Skype a lot ... :iconotlplz:
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